My testimony

I will not speak for the church, lemme not talk of my
family, allow me not to mention the case of my friends. I
will speak for me but wait who am I, guess nothing to say
for myself. Therefore, lemme speak of my Redeemer, let
me talk of my Savior, let my lips magnify their creator.
Let my voice make a testimony: I was young, maybe still I
am but I will talk for the aged, the young i will forget not.
I had dreams, they called them delusions, they were my
fantasies but today its my reality. My prayers as a young
boy seemed nonsensical maybe today sense acquired a
new identity. I still pray, I am a dreamer, maybe delusions
crowd my mind but from the testimony of history then its
only time before my dreams become a reality. Why am I
so sure, why do I guarantee it. Simple, the one I have my
trust in never changes. His promises are yes and Amen.
He is my greatest treasure, my secret in life but my
proclamation, my living testimony. I love you LORD.
Don’t you?.

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