When I close my eyes a desire within me manifests, a yearning to run and dance the song of birds beyond the horizon we see. A song only the angels know . In  dreams and visions I stroll a land beyond imagination. A place of beauty, glory, splendour perceived only in  ecstasy. At the gates I wait to enter by the doors that lead through the springs to  quench my yearning.  From the source springs life the gardener nourishes the land. At the heart of the land  he sitteth.  A light glows from him and the land is illuminated.  The choir of saints standeth by day and proclaims till evening praises to the  moulder of destiny;  the inventor of all that was, the designer of time, the songwriter of all melodies . At his feet I seek to bow in worship for in my heart He  commandeth to down my knees in His presence. At dawn I will rise , by dusk I will be found honoring His name till the day comes. Then I shall enter through the gates and walk on the golden paths. I have a dream to be a citizen of this nation , the land of the living.

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