Man will live by Faith



Like fuel in a vehicle

Living blood in a body

Faith is the substance upon which man blossoms

The very liquid that a heart throbs on

And when the well runs dry, a life is lost

Man will live by faith


It is better to wrestle with deadly cancer

Than meet a man of little faith

The latter may survive for ages

But all on dead meat

A life without faith is unknown to man

He would rather trust his weak being


Even a cat believes in itself

And from birth man has to learn the way of faith

Believe that he will make it regardless of the doctor’s remark

Trust he will see the light of day in the dark of the night

And hope, just hope that tomorrow will bring him good

No success can be achieved until the faith test is passed


Seen a man without faith

Hates his very existence

Suicidal thoughts are appealing to his worthless mind

And if logic dawns on him in this status

A leap from the roof will be the least he can do

His paths always meet at the graveyard.


The world will teach you to ignore faith

Philosophers will show you the path of reason

But a life without faith is unlivable

You can call the Christian a freak

But dare not lose on faith

Even atheists thrive on a faith


Man must live by faith

Its foundation is what makes the difference

And mine is built on the rock of ages

The resurrection and the life

The corner stone still rejected today

The very capstone of life


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