If I had no hope of Salvation



Pardon me for such a crazy imagination

Forgive me that such a thought would even linger in mind

What are we even to say of such a phenomena

A world of no hope, no future beyond the grave

I doubt I live today if such a hope I have not


But aren’t there some who live in such a world

Mere substances of matter extant only by accident

Well, forgive me for never understanding how they breath;

Day after awaiting only to rot forever in grave

If I had no hope of Salvation morrow I take no breath


How would I even live, walk around like a mere animal!

Work hard for a future so unknown!

Wake up only to the uncertainties of this life;

Pain. anguish, betrayal and ever insatiable needs

If I had no hope of Salvation I would sleep and never rise


But tomorrow I can now rise, today I fight along

Failing at times but never giving up

Smiling in face of trouble, standing when I should fall

Yes, I live almost indifferent of all situations, bearing my cross

For a better day I perceive; a future of glory unending


Glory be to God who has given us a hope of glory

Through the Calvary sacrifice, purchased us to be His

And now we live, not driven by instinct but a hope of the future

A future much glorious, than any comfort the world would give

Thanks be to God for giving me the hope of salvation


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