The Lord’s supper; it’s mine to take

As I partake this cup and bread
My heart is full of joy and gladness
Racing thoughts in mind, remembering that Salvation night
It’s mine Lord to drink, mine to eat
For it was mine; punishment and shame you took
I will enjoy this moment
Do so often in remembrance of thee
Remember that mine was the grave
But by grace there you went for me
Bread of heaven, Covenant blood; it’s mine to take
How often I desire your people may partake
Eat of thy body and drink of your blood
That in them springs of living water would flow
Abundant life, welling up to eternal glory
Abiding in thy body, living by your blood
May we never forget the slain lamb
Slain for our transgression that in holiness we dwell
Lost His life, freely He gave it away that all be saved
And now freely mine I give, body and blood
For thine, body and blood is mine to take.

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