Why come to Him?



why come

If you come to Jesus needing a car ;
Car owners will need Him not
If be a wife you seek;
Then spouses have no need for Him
And so I ask, why come to Him?
Even better come for health?
But ain’t they some who are healthy
Do you need Him for provision?
If that be, then many may not
So when you come,
Let it not be what He gives
Yes, this I reiterate
When you come, come not for bread or bed
Come to Him, to have Him and to gain Him
To be soaked in His love
To dwell in His precense and eat the bread of life
For ye all seeking Jesus; now I beseech thee
Do not be moved by what presents He holds
For ultimately He is but our enough gift from God.
Seek not only His provision but Him who’s key to life
For in Him is life, even abundant life; seek Him
Yes, seek Him
Come to Him
Draw near to Jesus
All you need is in Him
For only He really is your need.

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