Lord, my praise only is to thee

you deserve


My eyes survey up above the horizon

On earth I look, her glory to behold

I feel the touch of beauty as I see your works

See the lilies, listen as birds hum

What is that, if but praise to thee


Too bad some have seen the grandeur

Beheld of the resplendence of creation

Seen the beauty of the daughters of mother earth

Only to praise the masterpiece and ignore the artist

But for me Lord, to thee only my praise will be


Who laid the foundations of the horizon?

Who knit my very skin to fit?

Who molded the mountains to stand on high?

Who planted the trees for birds to reside?

None, but you Lord and none else deserves the glory.


Forbid that my lips another shall ever praise

That a day may come when my eyes are turned

Another to see, another to delight in more than you.

Be that me or the woman of my dreams

None I desire to praise above thee my Lord


Lord, my praise only to thee I give




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