Lest I took the Cross

take your cross.jpg

That He was slain for my transgressions
That my sickness was upon Him
Nailing Him down, paralysed on a wood
Suffering the sting even to death
But how would I know lest I took the Cross
Yes how would I know His pain
How would I tell of the anguish
Would I ever speak of His weakness?
Yes the weakness of the Almighty
Never for sure lest His Cross I took
See the world grumbling;  crying of pain
Women and children dying, what an earth?
Where on earth is He; this we seek
Yet our Cross he took; was sick and died
But how could we know till His Cross we took
Yes this is a relationship of the Cross
A love union built on the covenant of the Cross
And like He took that wooden Cross for us
So we must pick ours and follow Him
Yes that’s the language; the dialect of the Cross
Lest I took the Cross,  I wouldn’t know Him
Lest like Him I am crucified, His love I know not
Until I bear the marks of His Cross; hope I have not
And so I must have the Cross; and the Savior with me
For lest I took His Cross, I doubt I would know who He be.

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