Beautiful at heart; all beautiful

See the world and her glamour;
The beauty on her majestic sky
From horizon to horizon the Lord delights
And in sight of the work of His hands, he is glorified
But even more in you man, He is honored.
A masterpiece is the delight of an artist
The joy of a good laborer is his work
To make and see the beauty of creation;
All is this is for the glory of God
And even more you are His delight
Many see the beauty of face
It’s the beholder who knows his eye’s taste
But within lies more beauty;
The beauty of a loving heart is within and without
Yes, the children of God are all in all beautiful
Those that delight in His salvation
The feet of those that walk in His vineyard
Them that lay their lives for His honor
Delighting only in His glory
These among all are beautiful
Beautiful at heart; all beautiful

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