The troubles of my age and day.


Dear God, as your son in this generation hear me
Hear my cry on my troubles in this day and age
Unlike my fathers, my temptations have a new dimension
Not that I am tempted beyond them, no only differently
And so dear God hearken to my prayer of our times.
You see in this time and age I am most privileged
I have the easiest access to your Word than all others
I can easily look into the Biblical truths in my comfort
I have the best platform to listen and seek your fellowship
But dear Lord, my time and day is needful of more prayers
When my fathers rise on that judgement day and hear me
See of my privileges yet not a change of heart, what will I say?
Hear how technology has made access to your Word so easy
Yet understand my struggles in commitment to your devotion
Even they must wonder, this soul needs just but more prayers
My challenge in this age is not to get a copy of the Word
No, it’s a question of which version will I read and quote from
It is not how to gather for fellowship it is which platform is easier
In this day and age my privileges to seeking your will overflows
The only problem is I must be lazier;  I feel I need more prayers
But is it laziness really, how many hours do I spend on social media?
How long am I reading through posts that just say nothing at all
How many times have ignored good books yet claim of lack of time
How often do I go through Facebook timelines yet open not a chapter
Dear Lord, in my age and day, I can only seek more of you

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