Let’s face it.

The reason why many people would like to know the exact date and time of Jesus’ return is not driven by a yearning to see Him. Nay, mostly and I stand to be corrected, it is motivated by a mentality that all I need is to be right with Him just before He lands and I will be good for life everlasting. At least that was a thought I once shared (by then I knew nothing of assurance or unconditional election) but now I know better. I know that there is more to salvation than a ticket to the mansions above. It is a new life that begins here on earth and the true paradise is not walked on streets of gold but in the closet of fellowship with God. A heaven mentality without God is an earthly extrapolation of luxury and simply not the heaven that we await as believers. So will there be streets of gold? The Word says so, yet more than that will be the abiding presence of the Lord and at the sight of His glory, my knees wouldn’t help but shake to bow and adore my Savior. Oh! like Paul, I am eager for that day, eager finally to be home.

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