A Love story without regrets



Falling in love can be risky even precarious

A heart is given in waiting to be embraced

Yet it may as well be ignored and hurt

Many talk of love with bitterness and rage

But I speak of a love story without regrets


I speak of a story without a second thought

Only to love and love; risk and risk again

A bridegroom that gives His all for the bride

Not only ready to die but dying for this love

Dying without guilt, loving without regrets


This is a love story of all times; none like it

None ever loved this much, none ever will

Yet though not without all manner of rejection

It is a love unending, flowing unto eternity

I speak of a love story of the all supreme lover


This lover though endowed with all wisdom,

Unlike any other lover knowing the outcome;

That at the finish line is betrayal and rejection

Yet this lover so loves without hesitation

Though aware of the risk at hand still He loves


I speak of a lover from above; the Lord of Lords

I speak of a bride loved from the very beginning

Loved to the point of death even death at the cross

And even then still loved to date, what love is this?

It’s love story without regrets of a lover still in love






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