None washes clean than the lamb’s blood


What dirt is beyond cleaning?
What filth remains unwashed?
The blood of the lamb washes clean
Not even a stench of sin to remain
For none washes clean than the blood
Though my sins be like scarlet
Though my wickedness be great
Even if none would forgive me
Christ alone will embrace me
And His blood makes me white
Nothing one should desire more,
Not a greater craving one to have
Than to be soaked in that blood
Where all holiness is acquired
None to sanctify but the Lord’s blood
The blood of the lamb has made me whole
By His salvation I have been redeemed
And I walk in freedom from my sin
Living in reverence of my Kinsman redeemer
And by His blood I have become a child of God
None can stand to judge me now
For I bear the mark of His blood on me
Righteous I have become by His blood
A son adopted through my Savior’s love
And I am clean than ever even a saint

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