May it be my obsession only



I was taught to have no obsessions

A craving that would obscure my mind

I was told am called for a greater purpose

A journey I can’t dare lose focus

But now, this my obsession must be


I find this I cannot walk away from

I find my eyes fixed on this one thing

When I survey that wondrous cross

Then I know I have found my obsession

My prayer; may it be my obsession only


May I never walk away from this passion

Never to forget at one time what it cost my Lord

The memory haunts me to remember my sins

The achievement delights me to know am saved

So I pray never to forget who I am to Him


And now my journey has come to an end

My search for purpose and fulfillment is over

I can sit all day long looking only on my Lord

Meditating on His mercies delighting on His love

What more obsession can I have but to seek Him


May it be my obsession only to look unto Him

To learn from Him as I walk through life

To lay my glory on the cross for His own glory

The achievement of that cross of Christ;

May it be my obsession only


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