The blessing of uncertainty

How frustrating is it that tomorrow is unknown!
That beyond this time not much is certain!
And that our confidence lies only in history
Having a hope that soon would crumble
Yet there’s a blessing amidst uncertainty
How we hope that tomorrow was like yesterday
That we would master all her movements
Living in certainty of our plans; full of control
As gods of time our lives would be more enjoyable
But we are no gods and certainity is not our crown
As mere mortals our crown is uncertainty
Yet still a crown worthy to wear
As those ruling within time bounds
Uncertainty though frustrating is a blessing
A blessing to us in looking to the one above
And a blessing it is indeed
Not perceived so by many
Yet who wants to control time?
What benefit is that for mortals?
Our blessing is in looking above
Looking unto him the author of time
The one in whom all things find purpose
Aligning ourselves with His will
Taking hold of His hand and facing uncertainty
For to him all things are certain and He leads

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