The joy of having my savior


What a joy is it to have you Lord?

To know when all falls, I can look above

In the depth of my sorrow I see joy

Beholding the one who grants me true joy

The joy of having a Savior


When I walk in darkness I see light

In sorrow I find happiness

And when I should cry I but laugh

For I know the secret behind true joy

The joy springing to eternal joy


What more joy can there be than to be forgiven

To know that the Lord counts no sin as mine

To know of a hope too amazing to comprehend

Of the Savior who died for my wretchedness

That such a vile soul becomes an everlasting saint


I could have nothing but this hope only

Yet in this I have everything more than I can tell

What a joy, how privileged am I?

How privileged are they who are called by Jesus name?

Never was there a people so lucky.


Help me Lord to remember what I have in you

To know that you are my joy and treasure

That in the darkness of the world I have found light

And in tears you have given me laughter

The outflow of unending joy in you






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