Loving people, Jesus style. 

As Christians, our love for people is not dependent on how lovable they are but on how Jesus has loved us and loved them.
This is true for those perishing but also for those living in assurance of eternal life by faith in Jesus.
It is particularly true for those we would expect more from but are bound to disappoint us. We are to love them not because it’s easy and deserved but because Jesus loves us, them included.
And if Jesus be the foundation of love then his Gospel has to be the expression of love.
We cannot claim to love people, Jesus style unless we are giving them his Gospel.
Do we suppose to be better than him who expressed his love by dying for a condemned people to be saved?
Worse are we better than God whose utmost expression of love was to give his son to die that man might be saved?
If we think we understand the love of God in Jesus and want to express this to our friends, family and the world, we must come to the obvious and only conclusion that loving them involves telling them about Jesus and his offer of eternal life by faith. This is true love.
Do you love them? Have you therefore told or planning to tell them about Jesus?
Do you love Jesus? Are you planning then to express that love the way he desires, his style the Biblical way? Tell someone about him, that’s loving Jesus and loving that person.
Let’s not kid ourselves as Christians that we can express love in any other way unless the Gospel be at the heart of what we do and what we are about.
Bible references
Romans 5:5-8
John 3:16, 17;26

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