The Daily Business of God


Have you ever wondered what would occupy God’s working week; his Monday to Friday if you like? What kind of business would he be involved with in his waking hours? This sparks all kind of speculation raging from he’s chilling up there to him working every second doing a million things.

But luckily through the revelation of his Word, we don’t need to speculate as he tells us both his plan for all eternity and we can know what he’s doing at this stage of the unfolding of his plan.

In Ephesians 1:10, God tells us where his eternal plan is headed; to put everything under the reign of his son. From this we can see his purpose for the church which is his working office to give life to dead men in his son 2:10 and bring knowledge of him to the world 3:10.

His daily business is the business he is doing through his Spirit 2:21,22 which is accomplished through his church 4:15,16; equipping men with the knowledge of his Word to grow them to maturity and thereby build his church.

This makes the business of which we are involved in as a church; speaking his truth of utmost importance as it is the very business of God. It makes every conversation that involves the truth of God’s Word to God’s people more than a mere chat over coffee as it is a spiritual exercise. As a matter of fact there isn’t a time we are more in God’s presence as when we as Christians are in the presence of each other speaking his truth and thereby building his church as the body of Christ.

This amazing truth gives the introvert a reason to pursue and enjoy the company of men. It makes church not a mere gathering where the extrovert exercises their skill but where men regardless of personality, nationality or social class come together united by the bond of Christ for his purpose; to build each other up in him.

What an amazing privilege that the God of the universe would involve us in his most important eternal business!


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