I have a Kenyan Dream

I have a dream that one day this land will be the heart of the continent
That people from all over the globe will work hard to gain the Kenyan citizenship
That the Kenyan shilling will not shrink below the dollar
But that ours will be a land where many seek and find refuge

I have a dream that a child from Kisumu will call Muranga his home
That he’ll move there with a Kalenjin wife to raise Kenyan children
That a daughter of Nyeri will flourish in Garissa
When the wealth of the nation reaches far and wide

I have a dream that Kenyans will no longer wait on politicians
That leaders will be chosen not by name but by merit
That our children will not queue for pocket change
But that leaders will seek them in their workplace

I have a dream that elections will no longer determine the peace of the nation
That we’ll no longer carry our bags home every five years
That we’ll never shed blood on account of others
But that leaders will pay the price to serve Wanjiku

I have a dream that people will choose to move from Nairobi to Turkana
That a child will choose their favourite city
Not to be forced to go where all the resources accumulate
But move freely in their own land and country

I have a dream that deserts will become tourist attractions
That hunger and thirst will be no more in this land
That Chalbi desert will grow food for the nation
And that Turkana will power our factories

I have a dream that our names will no longer betray our tribes
That our accents will not be looked down upon
That Swahili will stand tall among the languages of the world
And that we’ll cherish our history and heritage

I have a dream that leadership will no longer be for the powerful and wealthy
That it’ll not be an avenue to steal public resources
Or to gain quick wealth and power
But a place of sacrifice and patriotic service

I have a dream that our people will no longer need green cards
That ours will be a land of opportunity
That instead we’ll choose between Kitui and Marsabit, Baringo and Thika
Because there will be a place for every Kenyan in every city

I have a Kenyan dream that ours will be a land of justice and fairness
That we’ll look at other tribes not as enemies but as fellow Kenyans
That we’ll not wish we were born elsewhere
But praise God for this land and nation


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