Cheering the Right Team

You’ve heard them say the earth is hard
Relationships are complicated in status
The economy tends to get worse everyday
Family is no longer a safe space for children
Jobs are hunting grounds for corporate predators
Everywhere you look someone is out to get you

The man you loved has betrayed you with a friend
The little savings you put aside seem so little now
Your own mother is making your life impossible
And at work they are pressuring you from every side
Who else is on team you but yourself?
Who else is fighting on that little corner but you?

But wait, what about your church?
Those guys are different, they care for you
They invest in your all rounded growth
They are there for the events that matter
Maybe they are with you and for you?
Maybe they belong to your corner?

But do they really care, you wonder?
Are they there for me or what I bring in?
Is the pastor for my soul or what’s in my pocket?
Are they routing for team me or team them?
How easily would I fall from their radar once I wasn’t available?
How quickly would they step in to my rescue?

But maybe your friends are different
They make sure to call and check on you
They invite you along to the best places
Open doors to the right opportunities
But something in you wonders, how genuine are they?
How long will they last if our interests no longer match?

But wait, maybe the whole world isn’t for you,
But what about you? Surely you play for big team I
They may all be haters but at least you have you
But wait, how many times do you self sabotage?
How many of your losses are self inflicted?
I might even argue you might be top on your list of haters

Earth is hard, relationships are complex
Families are broken and individuals lost
All because we cheer for the wrong team
Because everyone cheers for their own team I
Doing everything for what pleases team I is part of the problem
You do you and YOLO won’t save us

We need a different cheering corner
To learn from the one who laid down his life
To not idolise the interests of me, myself and I
Otherwise what do you think will happen if we all go there
Jesus conquered this world because he didn’t follow it’s flow
He wasn’t lead by sinful and selfish pursuit

Don’t wait for others to make you happy
Lay down your life for those you value
Don’t force your colleagues to make you happy, they are there to work
Don’t seek the friends that sing your name all day long
Serve even among those who may not reward you
Serve Jesus and his people because he already plays for team you

Serve your church not because of what you gain from them
You already have everything in Jesus
Support your family not as payback or to keep them in your debt
Do it for the immense grace and mercy you have in Christ
Go out for the interest of building God’s kingdom
And alas Jesus says he will be with you to the end.

But wait, imagine a world where people compete to support others
Imagine the feeling when others lay down team I for you
Imagine a few more Mother Teresa’s in our neighbourhoods
A few more followers of Jesus seeking to serve others with the Gospel
A few more pastors who genuinely care for the sheep
What a beautiful world would that be?

Yes I know it sounds like utopia
And I know we sometimes need to look after team I
Even Jesus withdrew away with his disciples once in a while
And don’t be naive this will definitely not be easier
But you know what? We can fully serve on Jesus corner
Because he’s already sorted our corner not only now but in eternity


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