The Price of the Ungrateful Heart

They say the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. Well, that's until you get there. It's so easy to imagine that your life would be far much better if you got that job, that promotion, a bigger salary, a life partner or a better one for those married, a child, … Continue reading The Price of the Ungrateful Heart

Give us the gratitude of the Gospel

When I find myself wanting what my neighbor ownsWhen I crave to outdo my friends in everythingAnd to be the one everyone talks aboutI miss a deep wound in my heart for my ambitionI need that Gospel that says you already have everything Why do we so often miss the blessings the Lord has given?Why … Continue reading Give us the gratitude of the Gospel

Teach me the Gospel everyday

Lord forbid that I should lose the wonder of the GospelTo see a sinner so wretched forgiven and loved so dearlyA self righteous man made aware of his filthy ragsTeach me this Gospel everyday for I forget it daily When the Word falls from my heartThe comfort of this globe sets in so quicklyWhen my … Continue reading Teach me the Gospel everyday