Campaign to replace God.

The seat of God, the throne of the most high faces a contest. Many in the world directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly are trying to campaign for this seat. When atheists refute the existence of God in real sense they refute His seating there. Otherwise the throne establishment is irrefutable. Agnostics may not be … Continue reading Campaign to replace God.

Only when good is good!

Many times I hear people say so and so is a good person. John is such a good fellow, Jane isn't that good. Funny enough even after two decades in the school of life I aim yet to understand that word good. I almost come to the conclusion that goodness is a creation of mankind … Continue reading Only when good is good!

God’s existence is not man opinionated.

The unity of theism and atheism is established in one person - God. Theist spend a lifetime to defend his existence and so do atheist in refuting it. Both of the people are convinced more not by philosophical revelations but by their ordinary lives. An atheist is promoted at work and he sees his hard … Continue reading God’s existence is not man opinionated.


Today I will share no wisdom, i will impart no knowledge as many would rather do. I will speak of foolishness, i will share of what in a fool's eye looks so foolish. The world is full of knowledge, wisdom establishes kingdoms and the wise reign. Foolishness on the other hand is a power, intellect … Continue reading FOOLISHNESS; A WISDOM NOT OF THIS WORLD