Never lacking in remnants

***** A thing or two I have learnt in my short stay around A surety that surpasses the rising of the sun; Our Lord will never lack a remnant The call to make stones worship Him will not soon come But even if that day comes, a remnant He will raise for Himself ***** Today … Continue reading Never lacking in remnants

Who can be more faithful?

***** More than the rising of the sun Beyond the certainty of the approaching dusk The faithfulness of the Lord is guaranteed His name is faithful And unless He denies Himself, then faithful He always will be ***** Tomorrow may never come I may not live long enough to see my old days I am … Continue reading Who can be more faithful?

Though He tarries; I will be waiting

                Not that I have seen the dayBut a dawn unknown I awaitWith a desire conceived in my heartMy delivery day soon approachesAnd though He may tarry, still I wait*****I have a dreamWhen the glorious sun will light my morningWhen the birds will hum my songAnd the winds will carry my tuneWhat a beautiful morning; … Continue reading Though He tarries; I will be waiting