Jesus; a rare investor

Man seeks what promises to benefit him See an abandoned piece of land; And think of how we can acquire it Notice a classic vehicle; wish it was all yours It’s always about what works for you ***** Material prosperity is the altar of worship While pride and selfishness are synonymous gods ***** Unlike us … Continue reading Jesus; a rare investor

Is atheism a foolish standing?

There are about four components of life that can’t exist without God Four of which we would be denied upon disbelieving in God At least rationally speaking ***** First is love, God makes it clear not that He is loving But He is love, Talk of love and you have to beg God for permission … Continue reading Is atheism a foolish standing?

Reciprocating love is the mother of free will!

God in His omnipotence would do everything Indeed, all that there is speaks of this And it was possible to create perfect humans ***** Sin would never be the problem of man Like angels in heaven, songs of praise would abound on earth But why didn’t he? Why make a possibility of frailty Why with … Continue reading Reciprocating love is the mother of free will!