My desire

***** My soul pains me by her strong craving My desire eats me from within I want nothing more but this one thing My greatest desire, my craving is a new heart I long and wait for the day I win this prize ***** Free me from the torment of this wretched soul Take away … Continue reading My desire

Are you ready to forgive!

***** I still don't understand why we judge imperfect people with perfect standards. Shouldn't we be ready for mistakes from humanity! Are we so obsessed with perfection that we forget who we really are? What more can we guarantee from people but that they will make mistakes? That, however we hate to imagine it they … Continue reading Are you ready to forgive!

The joy that takes us through suffering and death.

***** We can be sure of two things in life: death and suffering. One will happen before the other strikes in and both are tormenting even to think about. The solution is not to ignore this or presume that somehow we will be safe from these two enemies. No, if we have lived long enough … Continue reading The joy that takes us through suffering and death.