When praying is hard

It is in our weaknesses he's most sufficientIn our desperation he gives great comfortAnd while the world crumbles he's a sure rockBut it's not always easy to walk up to himAt times we find it hard to knock his doorMany times we hide from our only helperTo do everything but seek him in prayer It's … Continue reading When praying is hard

Give us the gratitude of the Gospel

When I find myself wanting what my neighbor ownsWhen I crave to outdo my friends in everythingAnd to be the one everyone talks aboutI miss a deep wound in my heart for my ambitionI need that Gospel that says you already have everything Why do we so often miss the blessings the Lord has given?Why … Continue reading Give us the gratitude of the Gospel

Made for more than the perfect Weekend

Ever felt like the anticipation of rest is more than the rest we actually get. You know when it's a Thursday evening and you tell yourself just one more day and it's the weekend. That feeling when you know Saturday morning lie in is coming. When you don't need to snooze the alarm. It's even … Continue reading Made for more than the perfect Weekend