Learning to Ride with God

When you learn to drive you also learn to bear with the agony of traveling with other drivers. There's always someone who'll think you are too slow, too careful and just not cut for the city. Another thinks you are too fast, too reckless and can't believe you passed the driving test. From the moment … Continue reading Learning to Ride with God

The Privilege of Adoption

I was afraid to be an adopted childI feared I might not be loved as othersWhat's worse? I have flaws I couldn't changeI doubt I could prove my worth in his houseBut he choose me with my flaws and made me his own I feared I would soon let him downAnd you know what? I … Continue reading The Privilege of Adoption

Ours is the Life that Truly is life

As long as we are called to kill sin dailyTo subject this body of sin to obedienceTo go against the flow of this worldAnd wage war against the lies of SatanOurs will always be a life of suffering For to deny this man of sin won't come easilyTo reject the culture of our day won't … Continue reading Ours is the Life that Truly is life

Give us the gratitude of the Gospel

When I find myself wanting what my neighbor ownsWhen I crave to outdo my friends in everythingAnd to be the one everyone talks aboutI miss a deep wound in my heart for my ambitionI need that Gospel that says you already have everything Why do we so often miss the blessings the Lord has given?Why … Continue reading Give us the gratitude of the Gospel