When We Get Heaven All Wrong

In the last few days, Kenyans have been glued to their television and newspapers watching the unfolding horror propagated by "pastor" Paul Mackenzie of the ironic Good News International church. The question in many people's minds is how this pastor managed to convince people to sell off property, move to his land and fast to … Continue reading When We Get Heaven All Wrong

Burn the old Bridge

If we keep looking over our past Imagining what would have beenWondering if we are missing outLonging for what this body cravesSoon we'll forget the chains of the old slave masterWe've got to burn that bridge so we never look back If we keep playing with the fireEntertaining that old man of sinFeeding him when … Continue reading Burn the old Bridge

Made for more than the perfect Weekend

Ever felt like the anticipation of rest is more than the rest we actually get. You know when it's a Thursday evening and you tell yourself just one more day and it's the weekend. That feeling when you know Saturday morning lie in is coming. When you don't need to snooze the alarm. It's even … Continue reading Made for more than the perfect Weekend

The Mirage of this Life

Given a choice between heaven and this world many choose what they can see. They'd rather have the bird in the hand that 9 in the bush. This world and it's promises seem tangible. And nothing is more appealing and trustworthy than what we can see and touch. We want to live life to the … Continue reading The Mirage of this Life

One Last Thought

When your breath fadesAnd you hear the last bellsWhen a voice whispers in your mindAnd deep in thought your hear a last wordI wonder what will come to mind one last time What will become of my life?Who will look after the children?What of my life plans and ambitions?What legacy do I leave behind after … Continue reading One Last Thought

Perfect imperfection

Photo by Chetan Menaria Perfect Imperfection ***** I look out of my window and see your beauty You are wholesomely breathtaking yet so imperfect The mountains on your shoulders are mind-blowing But the wounds on your heart so sickening You are altogether beautiful and yet so wretched ***** You give birth to beautiful angels, a … Continue reading Perfect imperfection