The school of a lifetime



I find myself in tears and joy

Awaiting my graduation

Surely I must have made it this time

Only every time, the Principal calls

More courses, more time

A school I never exit


Tomorrow calls; the future awaits

The day I face the world

A soul endowed with wisdom

Only staying in school I find me

Impatience crops up, giving in I often feel

But never an exit door I see but to sit and learn


When will the test be over oh mighty Principal?

Whence do I walk with my certificate of qualification?

But though I seek to know, He only must know better

I guess I have learnt something at least

That in this school I must stay

And seeking the exit I need stop


In the school of the Lord I learn

Every day to be molded I must accept

Not that I don’t grow weary

But His grace keeps me learning

An exit door I seek not

For beyond His hands I know no better place


In the hands of the potter

I am a pot that needs working

Stubborn and eager to be ready

But only the potter knows better

As a student of His ways

This is a school of a lifetime


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