The Calvary Walk


I am set on a journey

One I will tread till I see my Lord

A path I undertook by choice

In the foot steps of one that loved me before

That I may live trending on the Calvary walk


A long journey indeed, a heavy cross behind

With thorns and briers all pricking my skin

Scorpions and desert wanderers against me

It’s a miracle that I am still alive and keeping on

But am assured like my Savior that I will make it


I must confess, the hardships ahead are inconceivable

The choices at times I make almost unbearable

The future quite unsecured, yet I must walk along

With eyes set beyond tomorrow, my mind focused only ahead

Awaiting a glorious city, whose builder and maker is the Lord


This walk I desire to continue

Yet alone I can go only no far

Holy Spirit of God I desire

Lead me on this walk till I see my Lord

Guide me on this Calvary walk, I pray



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