Ignorance is no bliss for us



The world without knowing it is a one massive display of the unknown world. We can speak of the invisible because God has carefully painted the unknown by the ink of what we know. It makes sense why Jesus had to take a human identity otherwise in a million years we wouldn’t understand what he told the witnesses of his day by human voice. He came and talked to us about following God. What would that look like, how are we mere mortals to comprehend what it is to follow the immortal? So he took a child and told us that like such are we to become if there’s any hope for us in his kingdom. This is a language we can understand. He took the cross on his back to tell us of what was at stake for our salvation and now all men can take with them a cross going after he that carried his own to Calvary. He made a group of friends and through them shared the secrets of the kingdom unseen by the naked eye. He told them the cost they had to pay and the unequalled joy stored for them in heavenly splendour. And one after the other they faced the sting of death eager and waiting to meet the man from the world of the immortal.

What is it that we shall stand and say in the last day? What kind of ignorance will we hid beneath for all that can be known about God has been made manifest by a display of what we can see, through a language that our ears understand, by that which we can touch and feel; by God’s own voice in his Word so that the world is without excuse to behold her creator.



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