Worthless dreams, useless plans; wasted lives


I write from the future, from ages beyond

In a time when all those plans are fulfilled

At the height of achieved and lost dreams

At the end of it all when lives are measured

And a verdict is passed for your momentary breath


And how I pity those little dreams!

Am amazed of your concern for those big plans!

Though they sound huge and important now

Coming from the future; I say it’s all vanity

Useless plans and wasted lives


Wasted because you chase only after a mirage

Useless because it’s but a philosophy built on lies

Wealth, power, legacy, love…it’s all vanity

The one who gets them and the one who doesn’t

What difference is there?


It’s all vanity, a chasing of winds

For kings and slaves have the same fate

Not until they can live past this life

And in that I rejoice for the hope after death

A hope that gives this life meaning


I rejoice to know that my life won’t just fade away with time

That when all seems to fail, I will be born to a better world

I dream bigger dreams that a temporary world can’t contain

I make plans for an unending future living with my Saviour

Loving him and serving him now before living with him forever


This life amounts to nothing until Jesus makes it count






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