The book that changed me

I’m a writer and singer
An author and a poet
An architect of words
And engineer of phrases
But my song is changed forever
My pen is held captive
And I cannot sing of women anymore
I can no longer share my creative ideas
For words elude me but to speak of him
I read a book and it changed me forever
Every time I stop to think, only he comes to mind
I read his biography and fell in love with the author
And now my thoughts overflow with his praises
I cannot help but meditate about his Words all day
I stop to write only to say more of him
I studied a book and it changed me
For within it were the words I never heard before
Not from history or fairy tales
But the words of the God of the universe
I studied the Bible and it has changed me
I cannot help it but preach about Jesus
How can I stop when the world so needs him?
When we so badly need to hear his good news?
I was a singer but now I’m a preacher
An architect who saw the building collapse


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