We dream Bigger Dreams!

We dream bigger dreams than the world can hold
We will settle for nothing but absolute perfection
Why should we put our gaze anywhere below the horizon?
If we can have it all then we will settle for nothing less
And all we need to do is simply receive this glorious inheritance
We don’t even need to work for it, it’s all on a silver platter
It’s been prepared since the foundation of the world
And purchased at the most costly of prices
One had to sweat his blood out and all we do is freely receive
But that’s all we could ever do, receive it for free
How else would we attain such glorious riches?
It baffles me even to dare dream, I need help just to imagine it
In a million years we wouldn’t dream of such a glorious inheritance
For no eye has seen and no mind has imagined what awaits us
Yet such is the glorious eternal inheritance that we have in Jesus     Such is the heritage of those who wait on our Lord

#Glorious New Creation #Waiting #1 Cor 2:9-10 #Isaiah 64:4

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